AWSA Western Region Tournaments

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2017 Western Region Tournaments

Tournament Dates thru Site Events and Classes City State Entry Fee Entry Limit Late Fee Entry Deadline Tourn. Director Sanction #
Cheyenne Ski Fest July 08, 2017 July 09, 2017 Cheyenne Lake 6 Pulls PandC| Slalom 3C | Trick 2C | Jump 2C Novice slalom event Newberry Springs CA $21.00 for first pull. $16.00 for each subsequent pull.Jrs and collegiate skiers half price. $1.00 per pull will be paid to the promo boat team. First 110 slalom pulls.First 30 trick pulls.First 20 jump pulls. 0 July 02, 2017 Chuck Dickey 17W105
Cheyenne Slalom Fest September 23, 2017 September 24, 2017 Cheyenne Lake Slalom 4C Three rounds of ability based slalom competition on the mini course or full course. Newberry Springs CA $21 for first pull $16 per subsequent pull. $1.00 per pull paid to Promo boat team. First 180 pulls 0 September 16, 2017 Carl Pugh 18W063
Total Tournaments2

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