AWSA Western Region Tournaments

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2017 Western Region Tournaments

TournamentLast Blast of Heat
DatesSeptember 08, 2017
thruSeptember 10, 2017
SiteTate Lake
Events and ClassesSlalom 3C 3L | Trick 1C 1L | Jump 2C 2L Slalom
CityBasin City
Entry Fee1 event $80 2 event $90 3 event $95 L Class $20 extra
Entry Limit50
Late Fee0
Entry DeadlineAugust 27, 2017
PracticeIf time permits
Start TimeFriday 10:00 am Saturday 8:00 am Sunday approx. 8:00 am
Schedule of EventsFriday slalom round 1 grassroots G1-3 B1-3 M1-2 OM OW W1-10 55K M3-10 Super 34 Jump approx. 4:00 pm order TBA Saturday tricks TBA continue round 1 if not complete then round 2 jumping approx. 4:00 pm Sunday finish round 2 then round 3
Tourn. DirectorBrad Potter
RegistrarBrad Potter
3020 S. 38th Ave.
West Richland
Sanction #18W047
Chief JudgeScott Vanderflute
Vanderflute, Scott LSen JudgeSTJLakewoodWA
Chief DriverMerle Vasbinder
Vasbinder, Merle GSen DriverSTJEugeneOR
Chief ScorerTad Scharpf
Scharpf, TadSen ScorerSTJEugeneOR
Chief SafetyJames Fielding
Fielding, James RState SafetySTJYacoltWA
Appointed JudgeMerle Vasbinder
Vasbinder, Merle GSen JudgeSTJEugeneOR
Appointed JudgeJohn Goodman
Goodman, John MSen JudgeSTJBellinghamWA
Appointed JudgeSam Lee
Lee, SamSen JudgeSTJMeridianID
Appointed JudgeTad Scharpf
Scharpf, TadReg JudgeTEugeneOR
Scharpf, TadSen JudgeSJEugeneOR
Appointed JudgeBrian Holm
Holm, BrianSen JudgeSTJLynnwoodWA
Holm, BrianSen / Panam JudgeSJLynnwoodWA
PanAm JudgeBarry Young
Young, Barry RSen / Panam JudgeSTJMeridianID
Chief AnnouncerTBA
Technical ControllerGreg Tate
Tate, GregTech ControllerSTJPacificWA
DirectionsTate Lake 241 Hollingsworth Lane Basin City WA 99343
AccommodationsPrimitive camping onsite dinner provided for entrants bring a good dessert to share non skiers $5
CommentsSHIRTS AVAILABLE FOR ON TIME ENTRYS. Kids and college 1/2 price 1st event- $10 each additional- no refunds after September 1st.
Data Entered ByTate Lake Water Ski Club

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